One of these days

One of these days it’s going to be awesome having kids so close in age. But three year old girls can be tough to handle . And two year old boys can be tough to handle. And babies can be tough to handle. Doing all that on 3 hours of sleep a night is tough. And A just ate my sandwich.

Much love.



Wasted day

Sometimes motherhood means spending an entire day doing things that you didn’t realize no one cares about until it’s too late.

American Girl

Proud Mommy moment.

I signed A up for the American Girl doll mailing list. She received her first catalog the other day. Man, they sure are different! We watch some of the movies on Netflix and she really enjoys them. Mostly McKenna. Against my better judgement I decided she should know about the dolls. I gave her the catalog and told her to pick out her most favorite doll. SHE PICKED SAMANTHA!! AN ORIGINAL!! She was not swayed by the newer, fancier dolls. She picked a historical doll (who wears a fluffy, pink dress, but whatever). That’s my girl.


The boys have been sick. It sucks.

Yesterday, after A went to school and C fell asleep, B walked up to me and held out his blanket and bear. He said, “baby,” which means he wants me to hold him like a baby. Melt my heart. So we didn’t go to the Y and I didn’t run even though I’m running a 10k on Saturday. I have been referring to the Fort 4 Fitness Race as the City Wide Group Run. It makes it less competitive, causes less stress, and lets me enjoy holding my almost two year old like a baby for 30 minutes. Those moments are few and far between.


You would think that breastfeeding a baby would get easier with each kid. It doesn’t. It’s completely different for each one. A wasn’t tough, she was pretty natural. B was awesome once he got his latch figured out, but then he wanted to nurse around the clock – for 10 months. C…I just don’t know. He slept a lot in the beginning and was kind of a lazy eater. And he doesn’t sleep so I don’t sleep. And I can’t really feel my let-down and it stresses me out…a lot…and that’s affecting production. I just don’t know how much longer I can try. Last night we hit a road block and I had to thaw some from my vacation stash at 2AM. I had nothing and the more I thought about having nothing the worse it got. But then this morning I pumped and more than replaced it. I guess it wasn’t a total loss…just a mental loss.

At least it’s a pretty day.
Much love.

Bob Marley Jesus

This one is a little long and requires some history but I think it’s worth it, obviously.

Last week I was having a rough day. I don’t remember which one but it was a rough day. I have a friend who claims that the best way to get out of a funk with your kids is to have a dance party in the kitchen. We do our dance parties in the living room but on this particular day I decided to teach my kids about Bob Marley. Specifically the Three Little Birds song – my personal favorite for a million reasons.

Back up a bit. My parent’s have had the following picture of Jesus hanging in their house for a long time:

laughing jesus

I love it, also for a million reasons. My dad bought a second print that he hung in the old church and when we left I asked if I could have it. He was happy to give it to me and now it hangs at the bottom of our stairs. First thing we see every morning is a happy Jesus who’s happy to see us.

Back to Bob Marley. We’re watching a music video of his and A says, “is that Jesus?” Confused, I said no and didn’t think about it again. Fast forward to B’s nap time. As we’re going up stairs A turns around, points to the picture and says, “is that the guy who was singing?”


Now I understand. I forgot that we used to refer to this picture as the Bob Marley Jesus.

Clever little girl.

Weekend Rundown

For the first time, A rode her bike, actually the neighbor’s bike, to the park with his family while the boys slept. Even though we love and trust their family, I sat on the porch and read a book until she got back, looking down the sidewalk every few minutes to see if she was headed home. More of a big deal for me than for them. As I listened to her talk about it when they got back, I realized how important these little independent (of me) ventures are for her development. Much to my dismay.

A also had her second over-night accident in bed. We started potty training about a year ago. She’s never worn a pull-up to bed. So even though she was embarrassed, we are so proud of her.

B‘s vocabulary continues to grow and has amazed me these last few days. He asked the neighbor boy for a ride on his bike. Ok, so he pointed at it and said, “ride?” but that’s a major development for him. He also began audibly associating the neighbor boy with trains. They have a train table on their porch and I’m pretty sure he’d stay there forever if we let him. I hope he’s still that excited when he gets one for his birthday.

A got to do a couple of special things this weekend that B didn’t get to do. It breaks my heart for him. He was napping during both excursions so it’s silly that it bothers me. I’ll make it up to him while she’s at school today. Surely I’m not the only mom with this problem.

That leaves C-dog. He pooped a lot this weekend. I suppose at almost 5 months old that’s still a big accomplishment. Unfortunately he incurred some diaper rash. He’s rolled over a few times as well. If only the kid would SSSSLLLLEEEEEEEEEPPPPPP. Seriously. Up for the day at 4:55 AM Friday, 3:55 AM on Saturday, and 2:55 AM on Sunday. He maybe sleeps for one or two little 30 minute bursts after that and then doesn’t nap until noon or later. I’m 100% serious. So naturally, he’s sick. The only positive outcome is that I spend most of my time awake with him praying. Praying for his little body to rest, praying that I don’t get too stressed out, praying for the following day, for my friends with small babies doing the same thing, for friends who are going to have babies, praying for my cousins’ new venture, praying for my family’s purpose, praying for my big kids…but mostly praying for sleep.

Not a super eventful weekend. My favorite kind.

Much love.