Big Boy Bed

Bennetts New bed

Bennett is one step closer to being a big boy.

Anna and Bennett previously each had their own rooms. When Caleb came along we weren’t quite sure what to do with him – sleeping arrangements, that is. Anna had two beds in her room, a twin and a crib converted into a toddler bed. Bennett was still in a crib and still hasn’t figured out that he could escape pretty easily.

Anna graciously surrendered her little girl bed since she had two. Wham, bam, thank you sir (?) and Drew had it converted back into a crib. That went in our room. Yes. That’s right. Not a bassinet or a pack n play, but a big old crib right in our bedroom.  It had it’s conveniences.

But enough was enough. I wanted Caleb out! I love him. But dude doesn’t sleep.

We decided to put the big kids in one room. We had two twin bed frames but I needed a mattress for Benny Boy. I ordered one on Amazon easy peasy. We opted for one of the memory foam core mattresses and now I want one for our bed. Some friends of ours had a few spare box springs laying around and brought one over for us (Thanks again, Aubrey!!)

The kids got new comforter sets for Christmas (yay…).

We opted out of putting Bennett’s actual bed together so he can figure out how not to fall out while he’s still relatively close to the ground. He’s only fallen out twice so far, so good call on that one.

It’s gone much better than I expected. Anna likes to fall asleep right at 7:30/8 most nights. Bennett does not. He will sometimes still be awake at 11. Anna has figured out how to sleep through it. Drew usually has to go up once or twice to tell Bennett to lay back down.

Once he falls asleep he’s stayed asleep, for the most part. He’s been getting up when Anna gets up though. About two hours earlier than he’s used to. And he hasn’t figured out how to nap yet. But I’ll take it.

Next up: Potty training. But he is/we (no pun intended) are not ready for that yet.

Oh, and BIG THANKS to my mom for painting their room green! So fun!


Folded Sandwiches

Sometimes you make your daughter a folded pb&j and she hates it more than anything. Even though you made it THE EXACT SAME WAY you make it every time and she loves it.

Sometimes she throws a fit, kicking and screaming on the floor because she HATES this sandwich you made for her at her request.

Sometimes you tell her to deal with it and be hungry.

But sometimes, like two days ago, you’ve both just kind of had a crappy day. The little boys in the house didn’t sleep so no one slept. I cried over nothing and so why should’t she get to cry over nothing? I soothed my wounds with dark chocolate.

So why should she have to eat this stupid folded pb&j that just like all of the other folded pb&js except for something about THIS ONE makes it different and worthy of loathing?

Sometimes you scoop your sweet, little, almost four year old girl up the best you can scoop someone in the middle of a tantrum up and you sit her in her favorite spot on the couch.

You cover her with her favorite blanket.

You put on her favorite show (ugh, Caillou).

And you make her a NEW folded pb&j even though you make it the same exact way except that this one is mysteriously more edible.

Oh, and sometimes you stick two chocolate chips right on top of that sandwich just to make sure 😉

We all have bad days.


Warm Heart

This morning Drew spent quite a bit of time shoveling snow in the freezing cold. He came in for a minute to help me get the kids ready for a doctor’s appointment. Anna really wanted to get him some coffee. I poured him a cup and before I could get it to him she had taken it off the counter and very carefully carried it to him. She said, “there, that will warm you right up!” Umm…more like warm my heart right up. Sometimes she can be so sweet and so grown up.

Goals – The 2015 Edition

Be still, and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

Although the above is, and has been, my “life verse” for a few years now, I believe in setting goals. I believe in contentment and in always attempting to be grateful for what God gives us when he gives it to us. I believe that God made us who we are and we need to accept that. I also believe that if something doesn’t change, it’s dead. I recently read a post written by Donald Miller in which he said, “Every healthy thing God created changes…God designed the world so that it is in constant motion, never sitting still, always dying and being reborn. Everything is changing, all the time. Even you.”

The verse and the idea that to be healthy, we must change seem to contradict each other. But they don’t. I believe they work together.  That’s for another day.

I will turn 30 this year and I plan for it to be great.

The rules are that I can add to the list whenever I choose, even after I’ve done something if I feel like it should have been goal worthy. But I can not take things away. Things get crossed out as they get finished and will be added in a different color. As in previous years, I have broken my list into four categories: Personal, Family, Food, and Home. Here are my goals for 2015 as of January 8 at 10Am:

-Get a tattoo (ahem, Dad…)
-Donate my hair
-Run a mini-marathon (maybe a sprint triathlon, this WILL be written down in 2016, not in 2015)
-Read the NT
-Learn to have a positive body image
-See a baby be born (I’m not explaining this online but I’ll talk about it if you want)
-Read 26 books


-Bennett: potty trained and sleeping in a big boy bed
-Sleep train Caleb
Drew and I will take a date night once a month, at least 4 of which will be overnight
-Eliminate our credit card debt and keep the balances at $0 (ok, maybe not the Amazon card)

1. Menards
2. OldNavy
3. Mastercard
4. Amazon


-Make a cheesecake
-Do 1 month sugar free (whole family?)
-Take a cooking class


-Get this bedroom situation figured out
-Make our front porch pretty

There it is as of now. I have some other over-arching goals for the year that cant be summed up in little 5/6 words lines on a list. Another day.

2014 in Pictures

Here is our 2014 in pictures.
I looked through all of the photos on my phone and picked my favorites from each month. Some our just favorite photos, some are to document special events. Enjoy 🙂

Anna turned three on the 23rd. As usual, there was an abundance of snow so there were few in attendance. We celebrated her party at my parent’s house with with pink cupcakes and soup.
Jan 2
Bennett was just so cute. He started and ended 2014 in 18-24 month clothes even though he got several inches taller. This is one of my favorite pictures of him. He’s wearing my Grandpa’s old glasses and playing the piano at my parent’s house.
Jan 3
Drew and I took Anna to the circus for her birthday. We think she liked it even though it was a little long for her.

January 1

The end of January/Beginning of February included a trip to my grandparent’s house in Illinois since we failed to make the trip at Christmas time. Here’s Bennett modeling a bucket on his head because, of course, the Tupperware drawer was the favorite.
Feb 1
Anna really like “helping” daddy shovel. It snowed a lot.

Feb 2
I’m not joking – a lot.
Feb 3
Here’s a picture of Great Grandma Esther with all of her great-grand kids just after Livi was born – before Caleb.
Feb 4
Anna started gymnastics class. This was her first formal class of any sort. She impressed us with her ability to listen and follow directions – a skill we were not confident she would develop based on her behavior at home 🙂
Feb 5

Anna and Drew went on a daddy/daughter date to see Disney on Ice thanks to a classmate of mine from High School who gifted us some tickets. She was amazed.
March 1
Although there was still snow on the ground, we were a bit stir crazy after the winter we had so as soon as it was remotely warm enough, we loaded up for a walk at Foster Park. This was Bennett’s first out-of-the-stroller walk at the beautiful park right near our house. He loved it!
March 2
March is also around the time that Bennett really started to sleep in late – another reason he’s really a frat boy trapped in a toddler body. Here he is on St. Patrick’s Day after I woke him up to go out for breakfast with Grandma Jane. I still get this look 10 months later if I make him wake up before 9AM 🙂
March 3
About six weeks before Caleb was due to be born, Anna and Bennett really started to gang up on me and do things like dump clean laundry on the floor to climb in the basket on top of the table. Lucky for them, I was too tired and hugely pregnant to care.
March 4
Not pictured: I enjoyed lovely visits from my good friend Robyn, who was living in San Diego at the time. I also enjoyed a late lunch one afternoon with some college friends, including Alison who made the trip up from Nashville for a wedding.

It was officially time to start storing up sleep before a newborn invaded the house. I’m pretty sure the kids knew something was about to change.
April 1

I’m pretty sure the kids knew something was about to change. If I sat down, they sat with me. Not that I was uncomfortable or anything.
April 2

This is me on Easter Sunday. Huge but feeling ok enough for one last picture before our baby joined us. His official due date was May 7 but I was ready whenever.
April 3

As you can see in the picture above, I was due to have another large baby. At my 38 wk appointment, the doctor decided that it would be a good idea to induce labor at 39 weeks (just 6 days later!!) as birthing another 9 pound or larger baby might not work. I’d been lucky to avoid a c-section with the first two. We decided to take her advice. That meant that unless he decided to take matters into his own hands, we had 6 days until baby number 3 joined our family. So, among other things, we went to the zoo one last time as a family of 4.
April 4




On April 28th, at about 11:58PM we checked into Lutheran Hospital to begin inducing labor at midnight. I was induced with Bennett so I knew that I was in for a long road ahead. I’ll spare you all of the details but Caleb took it easy on me – significantly easier that the other two. From the time the nurse said, “you can start pushing when you feel like you need to,” until the doctor said, “you’ve got another big baby but this one has A LOT of blonde hair,” took about 15 minutes. Drew and I couldn’t help but laugh because it went so much faster that the other times.
At 10:09AM on April 29th we welcomed our beautiful, healthy, 8lb 2oz, 20.5″ little boy. We didn’t exactly know what his name would be until that moment but we knew he was a Caleb Daniel when we saw him. Initially they couldn’t get him to cry. He was alert and breathing and doing all of the things a healthy baby should do but he just wouldn’t cry. When you have a third baby in three years, the nurses don’t fuss over you nearly as much as with the first, so we sat at the hospital for three days trying not to be bored out of ours minds as our new one slept.
April 5

We had a couple of visitors (Ruth, Dick and Esther, Molly, Mia, and Hunter, Ash Bauer, and my parents) but the two most proud were Anna and Bennett. Anna just couldn’t get enough and Bennett just couldn’t stop watching the trucks go by out the window 🙂
April 6


On may first we headed home from the hospital to start this new adventure as a family of five.
May 1

Blonde hair every where.
May 2

The night before Drew went back to work. Do I look ready? Because I wasn’t. But I figured it out.

May 3

We left the house a lot less often that the previous summer. The best part about it, we spent so much time with our neighbors – mostly on their porch. Here are the big kids with one of their three boys, Charlie.

May 4

We made a trip up to Grandpa Andy’s lake house and the kids had a great time!

May 5

Eventually I even started taking the kids back to the zoo. We have a pass so we can go for a long or as little as we want (or are able) without feeling like we’ve wasted money. The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is one of the greatest assets to our city, in my opinion. Caleb sure enjoyed his first trip:

May 6

This is one of the very first outfits Anna picked out by herself. This is when the color pink really started to take over our lives.
May 7


The first week of June is the best week in the year. Isaac and I celebrated our 26th and 29th birthdays in Anderson. Potentially the last one we spend together for a while and probably the last one we spend in Anderson. Man, I look tired, ha ha.
June 1

On my birthday, we were invited to crash my parents’ friend’s annual cookout at Dr. Johns house. Mike surprised me with my favorite cake (whipped frosting!!) which was especially meaningful considering other events taking place that evening that we weren’t invited to. Apparently our ‘friends’ forgot it was my birthday and got together without us. This was a major turning point in our year. Despite it all – we had a FANTABULOUS time hanging out with my parent’s and their friends. A great group of folks!
June 2

This is just a picture of Bennett eating yogurt that I wanted to share.

June 3

I thought I was the greatest spouse in the world when I surprised Drew with this bike cart for the kids. We had borrowed one the previous year that needed to be returned and we were missing our bike rides! He was surprised, the kids loved it, everyone wins.
June 4

THEN, Drew won the greatest spouse competition (we weren’t really competing) but beginning the FENCE FOR OUR BACKYARD!! This was a major game changer. The kids could run out and play to their hearts content and I didn’t have to take the baby out or worry about stray dogs and the street. YAY!!!
June 5

Here’s a picture of Great Grandma Esther with all of her babies. They look so tiny.


June 6

Mom, Ricci and I celebrated my birthday and one last girls day before the move by doing a Wine and Canvas event at Club Soda. Such a fun night. These ladies are so special to me.
June 7

I thought I had figured out the mom of three thing enough to take the kiddos to the Kurtz’s house to play in the pond by myself – with Molly of course. There were a few close calls but we all survived 🙂 This picture was taken the day she told me she was pregnant – and now she’s expecting twin boys ANY DAY! These two tough guys will show them the ropes soon enough!
June 8

Ugh, I could cry. This is the last picture I took of my kiddos with Isaac and Ricci before they moved to Atlanta. I am so proud of them and excited for their time there but not a day goes by that I don’t wish they could magically be closer. My kids adore them. And we miss them.
June 9


We spent the 4th of July with a party at our house including Drew’s sister’s family from Paris, Tennessee and then headed out to Ossian to the Kurtz’s house for swimming and firworks. Here is a picture of the kiddos doing the obligatory ‘snakes.’
July 1

We enjoyed several Rock the Plaza’s with my parents this summer. Free concerts on the plaza at the downtown library. Another wonderful asset to Ft. Wayne.
July 2

Anna learned to ride a bike (with training wheels)!!!!
July 3

My parent’s and I took the kiddos to Illinois for our annual July trip. My parent’s high school friends usually get together during the Music on Main event hosted by the town of Sheffield. This is small town America at it’s finest, in my opinion. Here are the kiddos playing with bubbles in my grandparent’s yard:
July 5
Here’s a picture of me with Rock and Roll great and Nashville legend, Jason Ringenberg, at my most favorite bar, Brother’s Pub. Jason treated the town of Sheffield with a solo show and then played along with Windjam, who are the greatest cover band in America. All of these folks went to High School with my parents.

Anna, dressed as Princess Anna, got to meet Queen Elsa at our friend Lucy’s birthday party. It was such a special event. One that still gets talked about.
July 6


Drew’s classmate, Caitlyn, took the most beautiful pictures of our family. Every time I look at them, I am so grateful for her and her talent. I will treasure these pictures forever.
August 1

Here’s is a picture of our kids. It makes me laugh.
August 2

Here is a picture of almost all the Feipel’s at the Annual August Party hosted by Ed and Jane. We look forward to it every year.
August 4

My most favorite picture of Bennett ever.
August 5

And one of my most favorite pictures of Anna:

August 6

This is how we spent most of July.
August 7

We also spent a lot of time at the zoo with our friends Ian and Olivia (and you, too, Ruth!).
August 8

Drew’s favorite day of the summer was probably the day him and Pete went on an ultimate bike ride. Pete is one of Drew’s best friends and lives in Texas.
August 9


Another picture that causes me to cry: Anna’s first day of school at Avalon Christian School. She is in Miss Teresa’s class and loves every second of it. She goes three mornings a week for 2 1/2 hours.
Sept 1

While Anna is at school, the boys and I get to spend time together. Here we are at the zoo enjoying a train ride.
Sept 2

At this point in Caleb’s life, he was REALLY bad at sleeping at night. I mean horrible. One of the only ways he would sleep is if we played David Crowder songs really loud right by his head. But then, with the music so loud, I couldn’t sleep. There were a lot of late night on the couch.
Sept 3

One of my favorite days of the Fall was the day I received a pack of Apple Cider doughnuts from Tanner’s Orchard in the mail. If you haven’t had them, you don’t understand. But my cousin Tim and his wife Elizabeth, saw my plea on facebook and sent me some from Illinois. Bennett liked them too 🙂
Sept 4

At the end of the month I ran my first 10k with my parents at the Fort 4 Fitness event. After the race we had a garage sale at their house and then that evening we went to The Brass Rail to watch Joel Levi (and Andrew Camp) who sang at my wedding open for James and the Drifters. Joel and Andrew went to college with Isaac and some of the JatD guys went to college with me. Funny little world.
Sept 5


Sadly, October means the zoo is closing for the season. For the 2nd year, I’ve let the kiddos pick out a toy from the store on our final trip. We avoid the store at all costs for the entire season so it’s an extra special treat. Last year we got giraffes, this year we got giant stuffed snakes. Yay.
Oct 1

Bennett turned 2 on 10/11. We did a mighty machines (construction trucks) theme. Randomly, a big semi pulled up out front to unload some construction materials for someone in our neighborhood. Kind of perfect.

Oct 2

Here are the treats for his party. Our family friend, Nadean, made the cupcakes. They’re the best cupcakes ever and cupcakes are so much easier to serve at a party but I hate to make them. I do, however, enjoy making cakes. Thanks to Pinterest I whipped up this little dandy.
Oct 3

My good friend, Ruth invited us along with a bunch of other stay at home type folks to go on a tour of a local dairy farm. I wrote a big huge post about it after it happened. I’m re-sharing this picture of Anna milking a cow. How cool!
Oct 4

I’m a big Halloween grinch. I know. But Anna’s school hosted a trunk or treat event so we all went, even my parents. It’s was a great event (although I wasn’t too fond of a couple of the cars). I couldn’t believe how many people were there. It’s open to the public and they had food trucks and all sorts of blow up jumpy things. A lot of fun. Bonus – they handed out the good name brand candy. I thought that was kind of huge. Great hospitality. Anyway, this is a great picture of my dad and Caleb 🙂
oct 5

Then, for Halloween weekend, we trekked down to Indianapolis to trick or treat with Drew’s cousin Sam and her family. Her girls are in the same age range as our kids. We had a great time. Eloise – Ariel, Livi – Sebastian, Caleb – dinosaur, Bennett – Cookie Monster, Anna – Princess Anna of Arendelle.
Oct 6


I’m sure we did a lot of other things in November but I didn’t take many pictures. This must have been one of the months my phone was sent away being repaired (thanks kids!). The month always starts with celebrating my Dad and Grandma’s birthdays. Then……..Drew and I went on our very first “vacation” since our honeymoon. Sure, we’ve gone on trips, like Myrtle Beach in 2013, but when you take kids, it’s not a real vacation. Right? My parent’s graciously took on our troop for an entire weekend and Drew and I ran as fast as we could to South Haven, Michigan. We stayed at the Victoria Resort Bed and Breakfast. It came highly recommended and we highly recommend it! It was such a lovely time.

So: here is a photo of me at our nice dinner out sporting my new bracelet that Drew surprised me with. Oh, it was our 5 year anniversary – thus the splurge. We ate at a place called Taste! and it was soooooo good. So good. Eat there if you can.
Nov 1

And here is a picture of one of our trips to the beach. It was cold, and so windy, but amazing. No filter here, folks. it would be such a lovely place to take the kids in the summer time.
Nov 2

Not pictured: Our trip to Illinois for Thanksgiving. My phone was most definitely broken. The five of us headed to my grandparents house and had a nice, relaxing trip. The kids slept great and it was awesome. We rarely get my grandparent’s all to ourselves so it was nice.


December already? We scored this sweet, fluffy red blanket black Friday shopping. It’s comfy cozy.
Dec 1

Anna and I went on a girls only trip with my mom to Chicago. We left on Saturday and came home Sunday. It was a lot of fun. Here is Anna and Shed Aquarium:
Dec 2

Here’s the three of us waiting on a show.
Dec 3

Here’s an adorable picture of Caleb, just because:
Dec 4

Making cookies with Grandma will hopefully become a tradition. This is how we passed the time waiting on Aunt Ricci and Uncle Isaac to get here!!
Dec 5

I was sick for Christmas this year, again. But we spent Christmas Eve at my parent’s house. Drew took the big kids to his Grandparents house that afternoon for Feipel Christmas while I stayed home and slept. I pulled myself together for dinner and presents with my parents, but only barely. Drew took the big kids to church with my family that evening. This is as good of a photo as I got:
Dec 6

Christmas morning my family came to our house for breakfast. I made Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls (which will probably be making an appearance every year from now on) and one of those Pampered Chef crescent rings with an omelet inside. They look real fancy but they’re really easy to make and super delicious. Then we headed to my parents for lunch and to say goodbye to my brother and his wife. It was quite dramatic but made for a great photo:

Dec 7

Not pictured: Anna’s first Christmas program, which will have it’s own post when I get to it. Christmas with Drew’s Mom’s side of the family Christmas evening. I wasn’t feeling great but Nikki made AMAZING prime rib and a lot of cheesy deliciousness to go with it. The Saturday after Christmas we headed back to Illinois to celebrate with my grandparents. My parents were there and so were Deb, Kevin, and his girlfriend, Lauren. My Uncle Mark and Aunt Christine whipped up a lovely Pratt gathering as well.

2014 had it’s fair share of tragedies. A good friend of mine and her husband lost their daughter during delivery after a full-term pregnancy. One of the coolest, most real and genuinely fun girls I’ve ever known lost her life during delivery, leaving behind an adorable little boy and her husband, who we knew was a great guy but has proven to be one of the strongest men we know. My grandpa lost his twin sister, the bear lady and my pen-pall, Aunt Mary Edith. And Drew’s great-grandma passed away as well. Drew’s mom had a heart attack and recovered and my mom freaked us out by going to the ER the week of Christmas for her allergies.

On the flip side, babies were born and engagements proposed. Our kids had terrible colds but we stayed healthy enough. This was a pretty laid back year for us all things considering.

I hope to never forget 2014 and the people who were a part of it, but here’s to a great 2015!


2015 – The Beginning

Slacker. That’s what I’ve been.

To catch up on the end of the year, here’s where we’re starting 2015 (I have a photo post in the works as well):

Anna: Anna will be 4 years old in 21 days. How did this even happen? Anna ended 2014, and her year as a 3 year old, bright as can be. She amazes me every day with her understanding of things going on around her. In group settings, she is often a quiet observer. Although she has really broken out of her shell these past few weeks, she still generally prefers to sit and watch – especially in large groups of kids her own age. Anna also likes to hone in on one person. It was especially obvious with all of our Christmas activities. Ricci, Luke, Erika, Lauren…she picks one person and becomes their shadow in the most endearing way. She likes to eat folded pb&j sandwiches, grilled cheese, cheese sticks that I make into a tree, chicken and broccoli, blueberries in yogurt, and chocolate. She will eat the frosting off of any cake/cupcake/cookie/doughnut but leaves the rest for me. It’s a great partnership. She now prefers showers to baths and gets herself dressed. Anna likes wild outfits. She was recently gifted a stash of Matilda Jane clothes and the crazier the better. All outfits must include a skirt or dress…pink is preferable. Anna did gymnastics and swimming lessons this year. She did great at both as she is a real rule follower. The biggest challenge was to get her to focus on her own participation and to stop watching what everyone else was doing. At home, Anna is still a bit of a challenge. She is ‘strong willed’ as they say. She still occasionally freaks out on us and becomes this uncontrollable little being. Leaving her alone for a while and then holding her tight seems to be the best. Being a 3 year old must be frustrating…and to be honest, I’m sometimes jealous of her tantrums. I wish I could respond to them the way she deals them out. Screaming and thrashing looks much easier than trying to maintain composure during these little episodes. If only she would take a nap. Despite it all, she is my most favorite little girl in the world and I love her more than I could have imagined ever loving a person. My hope for Anna in 2015 is that she’ll learn how to express her emotions more effectively but that she’ll continue to feel them. I hope she continues to be caring, compassionate, and observant.

Bennett: This kid. We call him The Easy One. He is wrapping up 2014 just as laid back as he started it. He’s two now, and although he still doesn’t have much of a vocabulary he’s learning new words every day.On Wednesday he said, “work shirt” and he pointed to Drew’s work shirt. Why would that be a phrase he would learn before normal things like, “I’m hungry?” When Bennett is around, happiness and laughter are as well. He is has recently decided that he should wear light up Lightening McQueen snow boots at all times. And he should always have at least one car/truck/plane/train in his hands wherever he goes. A few weeks ago, we were trying to teach him to say, “Grandpa Dick” on the way to Dick and Esther’s house and he got a bit confused. Since then, he calls all grandparents Dick. Just Dick. My mom, my grandma, Esther…they’re all Dick. It’s funny, but I hope he figures it out soon. Even strangers…if they look like they could be a grandparents, he calls them Dick. Bennett also loves to do whatever his sister does. If she coughs, he coughs, if she plays with a stroller, he needs one, if she falls down and laughs, he falls down and laughs. It’s adorable, and thankfully, so far she doesn’t mind. Bennett still sleeps in a crib and hasn’t figured out that he could get out. He doesn’t really like to eat anything but candy and he’s gotten quite skinny as a result. He loves wearing clothes with characters – mostly Thomas and Lightening McQueen but any truck will do. He did gymnastics lessons and swim lessons this year and slowly learned that he can function without his sister – although he still prefers for her to be around. My hope for Bennett is 2015 is that he’ll continue to be laid back, easy going, happy, and hilarious. He’s got some big challenges to face this year: potty training and transitioning out of his crib. I love him and his sweetness so much – almost to a fault.

Caleb: Well, he’s still a baby. He ended 2014 as an 8 month old. Needless to say, he’s completely different than he was at the beginning of 2014 – mainly, he lives outside of my body now 🙂 He sits like a champ, army crawls like no ones business, and jabber jabber jabbers. Caleb is mostly still breastfed but enjoys eating some solid food. His favorite blends are Beet/pomegranate/pear and spinach/potato. He is such a happy little guy at this point. He had a rough start but his digestion seems more under control and it’s made a huge difference. His blowouts (I just had to pause to clean one up), aren’t so annoying since we spent about 12 weeks of his life just wanting him to poop. All poop makes me happy with this kid – weird, but if you’ve been there, you know. Caleb is much more independent as an 8 month old than the older two. I think that probably comes with the territory as a 3rd born. He still sucks at sleeping at night but naps like it’s his job. Caleb will change so much in 2015 and as sad as it it to know hes my last baby, I’m so excited to watch him grow. My hope for Caleb in 2015 is that he’ll continue to be a happy little guy who will grow perfectly and healthily. I know he’d be even happier if he’d sleep for more than 2 hours at a time so that’s going to be our main goal.

Us: Drew is still working at Stellhorn Self Storage and he’s awesome at it. I stay at home with the kiddos and am still trying to figure that out. There was a lot of tragedy in our friends/family’s lives this past year but between the two of us, it was a pretty steady year. We welcomed our third child into our family of five and have decided 5 is the perfect number for us. Although we fully accept that we are not in control and that anymore more would be a gift from God. We are still attending Grace Gathering church in New Haven. A majority of our relationships changed this past year – and while it wasn’t what we hoped for, we’ve accepted it as such and moved on. I think that for us, 2015 is going to be a great year. There is comfort in knowing that we are 5. We can start to really figure out what that means and how we make it work. My hope for us in 2015: date nights, family fun, and growth together. I pray that God will allow us to develop the right friendships and that we will allow him to strengthen our family and our marriage.

So that’s how we ended 2014 and head into 2015. Like I said, I’ve got a photo recap and an official list of goals in the works. They will be more well written and organized but I wanted to get some of this in writing.