Anna’s First Day – 2015


On Wednesday, September 9, Anna had her first day of Pre-K.

She is once again attending Avalon Christian School. She goes every morning Monday-Thursday and full days on Friday. This is the first year Avalon has offered the enrichment class on Fridays and it sounded right up Anna’s alley. It’s all hands-on learning and she was so excited when I asked her if she would like to add it to her regular school schedule.

Anna has a new teacher this year but the assistant she had last year moved up this year which is very comforting for me considering Anna’s personality. There are roughly 5 students from last years class that are the same for Anna this year. She excitedly reported that they all remembered her 🙂

Caleb takes charge

A lot of people made cute little chalk boards with interesting facts about their kids as school started this year. If you know me, you know I didn’t even attempt something like that but I did ask her the questions.

What’s your favorite color? “Purple, blue, silver, and really just all of the colors.”
What do you want to be when you grow up? “Do I really need to know that today? I think I will wait until I’m older to pick.” Whoa, smartest girl in the world.
What are you excited about this year? “I really hope I learn to read. That would be awesome. And maybe we could go see Aunt Ricci some time.” She really loves Aunt Ricci:)
What are you not looking forward to this year? “I hope recess is less crazy.”

I couldn’t remember what other questions to ask so that’s as far as we got.

Drew takes Anna to school each day so the two of them left and the boys and I followed. On the way there, Bennett said, “Mommy, I’m so sad. I think I’m going to cry.” I asked him why he was sad and he replied, “I’m just going to miss sis really much.”


All this considering, he did pretty good. Few tears were shed and he only had to go back for a hug twice.

Bennett hugs Anna

For as shy as Anna is, she is also a champ. She walked into class, hung up her bag, and found her seat. She wanted nothing to do with good byes but was plenty happy when I picked her up at the end of the day.

So, here’s to another year of school. Another year of watching my little girl grow into herself.    Ready to go