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I’ve tried really hard not to be an overbearing, annoying ‘everyone do the Whole30!!!!!’ person.

But a few people have asked what it is and after a very brief explanation, most people have asked what I eat. I’ve been keeping a journal of each day and I am going to share just the food parts for your information, curiosity, and/or to give you ideas for your own journey.

Two things before we get started:
1 – I like hot sauce on everything.

2 – For breakfast I have eaten some variety of shredded potatoes with peppers, onion, tomatoes, spinach, and 2-3 eggs. I’ve also eaten two Applegate Organics Chicken Apple breakfast sausage links. Be careful not to get the Chicken Apple and Maple sausage. While more delicious, it is not compliant. I bought the Fresh Thyme frozen, shredded potatoes to make things more convenient. Just check your labels. I’ve eaten the eggs poached, over easy using ghee as a fat, and scrambled. I’ve done this every day for 11 days…and probably longer. It’s my favorite breakfast, whole 30 and unwhole 30.

Day 1: For lunch I had this Pork Egg Roll in a Bowl. The link to the one I made isn’t working but this one is close. Sriracha is not compliant, however, so I mixed Tessemae’s mayo with some franks red hot as a substitution.  For supper we grilled chicken wings and asparagus.

Day 2: Lunch didn’t really happen. For supper we grilled burgers. I ate mine with mayo/hot sauce and a diced tomato. We also had broccoli.

Day 3: Lunch was a leftover burger with Tessemae’s bbq sauce and broccoli. We grilled chicken and had broccoli for dinner. I ate a lot of grapes and apples this day as well.

Day 4: I chopped up the leftover chicken and added it to some asparagus and broccoli for lunch. I drizzled it with Tessemae’s Avocado Ranch dressing and hot sauce. I ate grapes and a banana for a snack. I made tacos for the family for supper and just ate a Taco Salad myself.

Day 5: I ate an apple and banana for a snack pretty early. I was hungry this day! I had leftover chicken for lunch with some grapes, carrots, cucumber and Tessemae’s ranch dip. I made beef stew for supper. Beef stew in and of itself is mostly compliant. I used a compliant organic beef bone broth instead of whatever I usually used and thickened it with a tapioca flour slurry. I also added a can of compliant diced tomatoes. And all the hot sauce 🙂

**On this day, I started to be really, really thirsty. I have had more than a gallon of water a day since then.

Day 6: Lunch was a turkey burger with mayo/hotsauce and diced tomato. Pineapple and an apple. This was a bad day for me. I tried to make this Creamy Garlic Bacon Spaghetti squash for supper. I planned on eating it leftover for lunch for a couple of days. But I DID NOT LIKE IT. It was so gross to me. This was when I discovered I just can’t cook with coconut cream. I had to brush my teeth, mouthwash, and lysol spray my kitchen so that I couldn’t smell it. Involuntary gagging. Yes, I am dramatic, but it did not sit well with me. I linked the recipe anyway because you might like it. But I ended up eating sausage and 2 eggs for supper…and crying myself to sleep (not really).

Day 7: I ate and giant bowl of fruit and a banana for lunch because I didn’t have any leftovers. I was a Hangry Hangry (slightly smaller that 7 days ago) Hippo on day 7. This is why a meal plan is CRUCIAL. Even though I planned, it didn’t work out, and I was left a hot mess of hungry. Imagine if I never planned?!? [shudder] Whole 30 is maybe not a great time to see if maybe you started to like a food you’ve never in your entire life thought sounded good, like coconut cream, for example. If you risk it, don’t be a Carol, have a backup plan. For supper I made a steak stir fry and restored peace and happiness to my body and my home. I sliced peppers, onion, zucchini and mushrooms and cooked em up in a pan. I removed them and seared some steaks in the same pan until they were medium rare-ish. I removed those and while they rested, added some bone broth to the pan with a couple of splashes of coconut aminos and some red hot. I made a slurry of tapioca flour and water and whisked that in to thicken slightly. I sliced the steak and added it to the pan sauce with the veggies. YYYUUUUMMM.

Day 8: I tried the Sweet Potato Apple bake for breakfast. It was good and a nice change from eggs but I don’t like sweet potatoes so I threw the rest away. I ended up eating my usual breakfast for lunch. For dinner we had burgers and Cajun shrimp (I used this guy’s recipe for the Cajun seasoning at the bottom of his post). We also ate a vegetable but I didn’t write it down. It was probably green. EDIT: I remember! I made sweet corn this day. FYI: sweet corn is a grain NOT a vegetable, which I knew, but I haven’t slept well and I want to eat oatmeal with maple syrup for days and my brain is all foggy. Drew assured me that eating sweet corn will most definitely make me fat and I should probably just quit. You may be thinking, man, this Drew guy is a real punk. He’s not. He’s just funny ALL THE TIME and knows reverse Psychology and sarcasm are the best ways to calm me down and keep me happy.

Day 9: I had a leftover burger and bbq sauce for lunch and a zucchinni that I sauteed in olive oil with salt and pepper. I made wings and chili for supper because ALL THE MEAT and Football! This chili is SO GOOD. Anna even ate a bunch of it. It was even better leftover, as most chili’s are.

Day 10: I ate the rest of the wings for lunch. Like 12 of them :/ And an apple. For dinner I made Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Peppers drizzled with the Avocado ranch (omg, yum!) and broccoli.

Day 11: Leftover chili and an apple filled me up at lunch time. I made 5 different variations of BLTs for the family. Drew eats his as a sandwich but with a slice of cheese and a fried egg. Anna eats eggs, bacon, and a tomato, lettuce and mayo sandwich. Bennett just ate bacon and eggs and Caleb just ate bacon 🙂 I used Romaine lettuce as a ‘wrap’ for my bacon, mayo, and tomato. I ate two eggs on the side and a sauteed zucchini. I was still a little hungry before bed so I sauteed an apple with coconut oil and some dry roasted almonds. Sprinkled some (a lot) of cinnamon on top.

Day 12: I ate an apple for a snack after breakfast. #momlife, it was an apple I found on the counter that was half eaten. A giant Honeycrisp apple $$ so it was still a fairly substantial snack. I had some leftover chicken from Day 10 so I stuffed another pepper and cooked it up for lunch. I’ve got Creamy Southwest Chicken in the crock pot for dinner but haven’t tasted it yet. I plan to make Cauliflower Spanish Rice for myself but Drew doesn’t mess around with cauliflower so he gets regular brown rice with his. **The Southwest chicken was okay but not awesome. The Cauliflower Spanish rice, however, was amazing and I’ll make it a bunch more times.

*Selfish rant alert* At this point, I’ve fetched beer, made pizza, tacos, macaroni and cheese, pancakes, toast with jelly, all the PBJs, and oatmeal for my family. Someone please pat me on the back, give me a high five, or buy me something awesome because doing the Whole 30 while living with 4 people who are not doing it is NO EFFING JOKE! I should be getting MAJOR bonus point for catering to their lifestyle while restricting mine.

Day 13: I made some zoodles and Cajun Shrimp (see Day 8) for lunch. For dinner I took some leftover chicken, chopped in up and mixed it with a compliant salsa, and threw it on some leftover cauliflower Spanish rice. It was really good with the avocado ranch dressing on it.

Day 14: I just had some sausage first thing in the morning and then around 10 I had a couple of eggs. I woke up not so hungry. I had an apple and banana for lunch and then made some bacon wrapped dates for an afternoon snack. I made mini meatloaf and “mashed potatoes” for dinner. The meatloaf was really good. I did make a traditional ketchup/mustard/brown sugar glaze for my family but ate mine without (actually, I put avocado ranch on there, so good.) I can’t say that I’ll probably ever make those mashed potatoes again. Mashed potatoes require dairy. Just don’t try…roasted smashed potatoes would have been better.

Day 15: I made these Potato Skins with Scrambled Eggs and Bacon for breakfast. They were really good. I added chives as well. If you don’t Whole 30, they’d be really good with cheese and sour cream. Haha. For lunch I made Whole 30 coleslaw, which was shockingly not bad considering how weird it seemed like it’d be. I also made regular coleslaw for my family and friends and I totally cheated and had a bite because it has been my most favorite thing to eat this year. Seriously, coleslaw is what broke me. I only had one bite and it definitely needed more salt, so I’m not too upset about it. I also made this pulled pork only I left out the brown sugar and added 4-5 dates. When it was done, I removed a bunch of the fat, smushed the dates, and thickened the cooking liquid with Tapioca starch. I used the sauce as a gravy of sorts. I also ate 2 spoonfuls because I like to eat gravy with a spoon. Always have, always will. It also needed some salt so again, I don’t feel too bad about it. I wasn’t hungry for supper so I grabbed a couple of grapes and a handful of almonds and was in bed by 8:45.

**A note on the pulled pork. The website claims that this is the best slow cooker pulled pork. I think I’d have to agree. Like I said, I didn’t use the brown sugar and substituted dates. I also did 1/2 ACV 1/2 Water because I love ACV. But other that that, I did it spot on. It was definitely the best slow cooked pulled pork I’ve ever made.

Day 16: For breakfast I busted out the cast iron skillet. The potato ‘flesh’ I removed from the skins the day before were just begging to be crisped up in the iron. I added some peppers and onions and a boat load of black pepper and cooked them until the were crunchy and slightly charred. Fried two eggs and laid them right on top. Drenched it all in a good amount of hot sauce and debated skipping church because God had already blessed me so much with that meal. But since I love to worship with my church family, and holy smokes did our worship team blow the roof off this week, I went to church. Afterwards, my mom made the steak kabobs from the Beef section of the Whole 30 cookbook. They were really good but I ate fresh pineapple instead of the grilled pineapple because grilled fruit just doesn’t sit right with me. For supper I made the same wings (day 10) I made a few days ago.

Day 17: 3 eggs and 2 sausage links for breakfast because I was out of peppers and onions and who wants to chopped all that in the morning? See, have some stuff prepped. I ate leftover wings and mini meatloaf for lunch and them leftover pulled pork, coleslaw, and a sauteed zucchini for supper. Some how I accumulated 9 zucchini in the fridge. Hmm.

Day 18: I sucked it up and chopped some peppers and onions. Back to the usual breakfast. I made the Egg Roll in a Bowl for lunch (day 1). For dinner I’m making the braised short ribs from the Whole 30 cookbook. I can’t find the recipe online so I’m sorry I don’t have a link. I do have a screen shot thought and would happily text it to you 🙂

Day 19-23: I did not journal well and my meal plan days got all mixed around because of failure to thaw meat and scheduling changes. I do have a list of foods I ate in no particular order: I ate the usual breakfast and made a big batch of the egg roll stuff on Day 18 that I ate for lunches throughout the week along with leftover braised short ribs from Day 18. For suppers we did grilled chicken marinaded in the beef marinade from the Whole 30 Cookbook (pineapple, lemon juice, garlic, ginger…and some other things) with grilled zucchini, a ground beef/veggie/cauliflower Spanish rice blend of things, the Cajun shrimp/zoodles combo I’ve mentioned, and Porkchops, cauliflower Spanish rice (my new favorite) and broccoli.

This was one of those weeks where I looked at what I had in my freezer, crisper, and pantry and tried to make meals out of a protein (mostly meat), some veggies, and some compliant add-ons. The best example is the meat/veggie/cauliflower deal. All I do is saute some peppers and onions, move them to a bowl. Saute some chopped zucchini and mushrooms and added them to the bowl. Then I browned some beef and added some paprika, chili powder, cumin, garlic, and onion powder, a couple spoon fulls of compliant tomato paste and a few splashes of broth (which I make) and simmer it until it comes together. Then, you guessed it, toss it in the bowl with the veggies. I made the cauliflower Spanish rice earlier in the day so I just reheated that. To eat it, it put the “rice” in the bottom of a bowl and top with the veggies/beef, hot sauce, and the avocado ranch. I add fresh tomatoes and green onions to garnish. Its a burrito in a bowl of sorts and something I make allll the time. The only thing I’ve changed for the Whole 30 is NOT throwing a handful of cheese to the top.

I will continue to update this post as I go. Text me or email me any questions.


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