Whole September Update


I am 11 days in to the Whole 30.

According to the timeline, I’m at the second hardest day. I haven’t been looking at the steps in the timeline until after I’m passed them to compare what I experienced on that day with what most people experience. I haven’t looked ahead too much because I don’t want to expect certain things. What I experience is not necessarily going to be that same as most people (in the 32 years I’ve been on this planet, I haven’t come to the conclusion that I am not the same as most people). Case in point, yesterday and today have not been the hardest days. At all. Day one and two still remain the hardest for me.

What worries me, this hasn’t really been hard for me, AT ALL. I’d rather have a splash of milk in my coffee and I accidentally stuck a noodle in my mouth the other day to see if it was done…but I spit it out and I actually like black coffee as well.


  • I KNOW that I have lost weight. Maybe even a significant amount. I haven’t weighed myself since I learned I wasn’t supposed to but at that point, I was down 5-6 pounds. Pants that I’ve spent the last year squeezing into just fit. Shirts hang more lose. The seat belt overhang (you know what I’m talking about…) is much smaller. Meal planning is stress reducing and money saving. Win, win, win.
  • I haven’t craved a beer. Just cookies and oatmeal and coleslaw…weird.
  • I’m reading It Starts With Food and it is so validating and encouraging to be reading while I do this. I read the Whole 30 cookbook before I started and definitely recommend reading one or the other first. Don’t know something you don’t know anything about.


  • I keep accidentally putting food in my mouth that the kids leave on their plates. It’s been eye opening. I’ve spit it all out with the exception of a sip of hot chocolate from Panera to see if it was too hot. I used my finger for the second check. It was a tiny sip, but still.
  • Also, I don’t like coconut cream/milk/anything or sweet potatoes. Do you know how many Whole 30 recipes involves one or both of those two? 98%! I checked, it’s true (it’s not true).
  • Finally, Starbucks: PSL. I want one. I need a latte. It doesn’t even have to be a PSL. I need a creamy, semi-sweet, espresso-y drink. Now. I think it will be the first thing I do on day 31. I am weak. I am basic.
  • Caleb has been sick this whole time. I have no idea if the Whole 30 is improving my sleep and giving me more energy because I’m not sleeping and I have no energy. Also, I am on day 11 of a headache and my ears itch. I have no idea if this is my own allergies or Whole 30. Life is a mystery right now.


  • Broken record here but plan your meals a weak at a time. I don’t work much so I don’t have to meal prep but I do keep a container of chopped onion/peppers in the fridge for easy, quick breakfast bowls. Also, I am eating leftovers for lunch almost every day, so make a lot of food at night.
  • Follow @whole30recipes and @therealfoodrds on Instagram.
  • Print a bunch of these Weekly Meal Planners from Day Designer.
  • Buy Whole 30 compliant products like Tessemae’s Avocado Ranch Dressing, BBQ Sauce, and Mayo (I’ve found the best selection at Fresh Thyme). Stock up on Frank’s Red Hot to put on everything or to mix with your ranch and mayo. But make your own ghee because it’s really easy for 1/4 of the cost.
  • At night, when I really want something before bed, I peel and chop a Granny Smith apple and saute it with some coconut oil and ghee. Then I throw on some chopped, dry roasted almonds and heat them up a bit. I dump them in a bowl and sprinkle them with cinnamon. I don’t know what the rules are on this because it’s kind of like dessert but it is compliant.
  • I keep a stash of RXbars in my gym bag. I know they took them off of the approved list but the ingredients are compliant and if I’m feeling like a need a boost before a workout, or replenished after a workout, I eat 1/4-1/2 a bar to hold me over.

So that’s what I have to say on Day 11.

I’m going to share my meal plan and recipes on a separate post because holy moly, this is already long enough.


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