Whole 30 – Final Thoughts

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Ugh. I’ve been trying to put together a full 30 day meal plan based on what I ate as well as some final thoughts on the whole experience but man, things like that take time, and I’ve got three kids and life, and stuff…

A meal plan is coming.

I need to get some thoughts down before I forget them, though, so here are random thoughts in no particular order.

Starting weight – 146lbs. Ending weight – 134.8. Whole 30 is not about weight loss but hey, that’s a pretty big deal for me. I didn’t have many non-scale victories, so lets take a moment to think about an 11.2 pound weight loss in 30 days. I’ll take it!

Non-scale victories: I think that if I want to see the NSV’s that most people claim, I need to do another Whole 30, or 45, or 60. I’m totally game but I’m seeing how I handle real life first (I suck at it). My headaches still come and go. Fall is a horrible allergy season for me, probably the worst. Whole 30 did not make my allergies go away like it does for some people. I’m also still pretty tired every day around 3. I’ve got some ideas there…like maybe I shouldn’t drink 4-5 cups of coffee before noon. Baby steps.

One thing I have noticed is that my post-workout recovery has improved exponentially. I haven’t had any significant muscle or joint pain for a while. I even rocked a four mile race without any negative after effects…minus some slight calf cramping but I should have trained, warmed up, stretched, cooled down, etc.

Beer was so much easier to give up than I anticipated and I’m considering at least going without beer for a longer period of time. I love a  good IPA, but I also think that reintroducing beer threw up some pretty obvious road flares.

Speaking of reintroduction, I haven’t really had any sort of negative reaction to reintroducing dairy, gluten, or sugar. Just beer. I had a day or two where I kind of binged out on crap food and I still felt fine afterwards. I think for me, it’s the sustained, prolonged eating of crap food that makes the biggest difference. But again, I want to try a Whole 45 or Whole 60 to see if maybe I have better results.

Some interesting tid-bits:
1. I went through 23 oz of Frank’s Red Hot.
2. I went through 20 oz of Tessemae’s Avocado Ranch dressing.
3. Cauliflower rice is legitimately better than regular rice. Who’d have thought? Even Drew really likes it. Win/win.
4. I can eat eggs for breakfast 30 days in a row and not think twice about it.
5. Applegate Chicken Apple sausage is the best sausage I’ve ever had.
6. Apparently almonds are good, almond butter is good, and almond/date/chocolate combinations are good. Who knew?
7. I did it! I actually, really, did it. Minus that bite of coleslaw that one day, I freaking did it.

Some people I started following on Instagram that I totally fan-girl/want to be friends with (there are more, these are my favorites):
1. @therealfoodrds The best recipes. At least go to their website.
2. @littlebitsof_realfood Kelsey may be the only person who loves the koala filter more than me.
3. @thewholesmiths I’d do a lot for a coffee date with Michelle.
4. @dr.jacob.harden If you exercise similarly to the way I do, just follow him, boys AND girls.
5. @pretend_its_a_donut Obviously.
6. @melissa_hartwig The Queen. Motivation, justification, exercise inspiration.

Some tips for people considering it:
1. Commit to following ALL the rules for 30 days or just don’t do it at all.
2. Broken record: plan, plan, and over plan.
3. Do not get overwhelmed with all the people telling to to meal prep and batch cook. Have a few staples on hand, have a plan, and you can still just cook dinner every day and eat leftovers.
4. Find a friend/family member to do it with you even if for no other reason that to complain to each other.
5. Read or skim through It Starts With Food and Food Freedom Forever. I was easily able to get both from the library. No money necessary 🙂
6. Do not say, “I could never do that.” Because anyone could do it. Instead say, “I don’t think I want to do that.” Because that’s fine and reasonable. Cheese is life (or was, for some of us.)
7. I think I said this on a previous post, but this is not a time to try things you’re not sure you would like unless they’re not essential to your meal. Like cauliflower rice. So do some research and pick some recipes that seem interesting and try them out before you start your 30 days. I learned to like  lot of new things last month, but the one time I planned something completely new for dinner and it was disgusting, I almost threw in the towel on the whole thing.
8. I will answer any questions anyone has about my own experience and the research I’ve done. I will support anyone through this endeavor. I will do it again and would love to have someone else join me.

I may add to this as I think of more things I want to say. But that’s all for now!


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