2017 Christmas Wishlist

I’m running quite behind of my holiday wishlist but I don’t have any real wishes this year. Or maybe our needs are so great (new roof for our house, new furnace…) that I haven’t really thought much about other things I’d like.

Nonetheless, it’s fun to look back through the years to see what I wanted at different times.

I’ve heard that I am hard to buy for. Nonsense. Here’s exactly what I’d like, with links.


1. Everything by Leigh Bardugo, specifically Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom and The Shadow and Bone trilogy.

2. Whole 30 Day by Day

3. A Simplified Life


1. Some pans. A medium sized and a big ole honker. We have enough pots but I have run through another set of pans. We need one for smaller usage like cooking some eggs and a giant one for stir fry and one pot meals. I don’t know if we want ceramic or stainless steel. I think we’re over non-stick.

2. These di Oro spatulas. And maybe these as well. But mostly just the first. To be honest, I just need some freakin scrapers and I’d take a couple from dollar general if I could remember to grab them.

3. These earrrings.

4. This is weird, don’t ask, I just really want it.

5. This set of hair products. I actually know a couple of distributors so money would work 🙂


1. Roughly $10,000 for a new roof.

2. Not quite as much, but a hefty amount for a new furnace.

3. A buffet or long, short dresser with a lot of storage that could hide all of the arts and crafts and puzzles and what not that are currently stashed in a pile in my dining room. It doesn’t even have to be new.

Okay, so this stuff is expensive. I know, that’s why I haven’t already purchased it for myself. I’d also enjoy any of the dish towels or coffee cups from Ed by Ellen❤️


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