Since it’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to sit down and write anything significant, and since I’ve been trying to think of what I want to write about myself and I’ve got nothing, I found a list on Pinterest that should allow me to tell a bit about myself without much thought. Here you go:

What is my favorite color? Red. And Kelly green. But not together 🙂

What is my favorite food? Breakfast, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese (but not the baked kind, barf.)

What is my favorite animal? Pembroke Welsh Corgis, specifically one little man named Bogie – who is surely in heaven if such a thing occurs.

What is my favorite day of the week? Mondays. Want to know why? Because it’s the first day of the working week. It’s the day you get to set the pace for how the rest of your week is going to go. If you make your Monday great, you’ll almost always have a great week. And if you do your prep work on Sunday, even better.

What is my favorite article of clothing? It’s a tough choice between a good hoodie (my Huntington College hoodie) and a fabulous pair of sweats.

What is my favorite activity? At this point in my life. Give me nothing. Actually, give me a book and a (reusable) bottle of water facing the ocean when it’s sunny and about 68 degrees. I think that would be my favorite but I’ve never done it so I’m not sure. Also: exercise classes, drinking beer with my husband (when we have a babysitter, of course), finger painting with A, playing trucks with B, watching C grow, baking, reading, church, play dates, going to Target by myself…I’m getting ridiculous.

What was my favorite subject in school? Anything where you learn why we are the way we are. Not studying the brain, but communication studies (I spent a lot of time taking classes like that in college, doesn’t pay well, ha ha).

What is my favorite sport? To play, volleyball. To watch in person, baseball. To watch on TV, golf.

If I won a lot of money, what would I buy first? My house from the bank. Is that an option? Not a very fun one. A new house? Again, not super fun. A new Odyssey and a new Malibu? Maybe. Get rid of all my clothes and purchase a much nicer, more basic wardrobe? An amazing meal? Honestly, I’d pay everything off.

When do I like to get up in the morning? If we rewind or fast forward to a time when I’m not nursing a baby every few hours through the night, I like to get up around 6. A little before or after.

When do I like to go to bed? Again, if I’m sleeping at night, my ideal bed time is 9-10.

What is my favorite game to play? I’m not much of a game player. I can’t really think of one I enjoy.

What is my favorite book? Welllllll…..The obvious, pretentious answer aside, The Giver is an all-time favorite and I really wish I wouldn’t have read the whole series. Harry Potter is a top contender. As is Franny and Zoey and Silver Linings Playbook (not the movie). Non-fiction: my favorites are Radical, An Arrow Pointing to Heaven, and Irresistible Revolution. I feel like I should honorable mention Blue Like Jazz and Velvet Elvis.

What is my favorite movie? Easily, The Royal Tennenbaums. Close second, Tangled.

Who is my closest friend? My husband.

If I had one wish, what would it be? Hmm…not sure I’m ready to share that one word for word. I’m so, so happy that my life is exactly what it is right now but I’d change the time-line a bit.

What is my favorite thing about myself? I think I’m a very  considerate person. Sometimes I say the wrong thing or say nothing at all, and sometimes I have good intentions and don’t follow through (I blame the kids), but I want to do things that make people feel good on a regular basis and I’m always seeing things and thinking of someone else.  Be that a gift, food, a card, a text, a facebook message, whatever. I spend a lot of time thinking up ways to make other people feel the way I would want to feel. And you can thank my Dad for passing that gene on to me. Probably something I should write elsewhere, but I big lesson I’ve had to learn these last two years is to often stop and think: doing this is going to put a strain on you financially, or it’s going to stress you out, would this person ever, in a million years, even think about you in a time of need? Because too often the answer is no and I should spend that time building up my family and the people around me. Most of the friends I thought I had haven’t been there for me in ANY way when I needed help these last two years and I’ve spent too much time on them. Anyway…I’ll develop this. Basically, I don’t consider myself enough sometimes.

What is my favorite candy? Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, Dove Dark Chocolate, and the Peanut Butter truffles from DeBrand’s.

What super power would I like to have? This is not a super power, per say, but I’d love a magic wand to bippity-boppity-boo my house clean.

What is my favorite breakfast food? ALL OF IT! Breakfast food is my favorite food! Specifically the veggie skillet with scrambled eggs and hot sauce with a side of pancakes at Spyros.

What is my favorite holiday? Thanksgiving. Weird, I know. But all the good things about Christmas minus the stress of giving/receiving gifts 🙂

What is my favorite song? World Apart, Jars of Clay. It’s my life song.

What is my favorite way to travel? Alone. Ugh, I hate the way that sounds. But alone.


There you have it. There’s a lot about me not in here but I’m sure I’ll change this in time 🙂


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